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Course 1 Feng Shui Your Home

  • 40خطوة


Course 1 Feng Shui your Home You will learn about harmonizing the surrounding energy of your environment to affect positively your personal energy flow, that lead to success. How the arrangements of your environment and the orientation and placement of things in it affect the energy flow in your environment. Module 1: Introduction to Feng Shui What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui History Feng Shui Schools Feng Shui Theories: - Qi, Chi, Prana Charge - Assessment of the energy of your house - Yin Yang Balance - Eight trigrams with early & late heaven sequence - Bagua (compass and 3 door-gate) - The 5 elements Module 2: Application of Feng Shui Theories Feng Shui Compass (Luo pan) Missing areas in Bagua Applying the elements in Bagua Decluttering Module 3: Feng Shui Tools a. Light b. Air c. Sound d. Colors e.Doors and Windows f. Mirrors g. Displayed Art Module 4: Room By Room Feng Shui Placements, Furniture arrangement Entrance, Staircase & Hallways Kitchen & Dining Bathrooms Bedrooms Living areas Study-room, Work place/Home office Nursery or Baby Room Garage Some Other Resources Feng Shui Dictionary Moving in and out from a House Requirements A sketched floor plan of your home will help you apply the information from this class to your own life and home immediately. Ruler, pencil, fine marker and an open mind.

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