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Basic Numerology Course: Core Numbers

Course length

Total Hours 10

4 sessions

Online Course

2800 EGY

Basic Numerology Course: Core Numbers


Logaina Maamoun

Min 10 persons Max 15 persons
2.5-3.0 hours/weekly 4 weeks

4800 EGY

Course Price

Course Price

More Information

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a mystical divinatory art, similar to astrology. And just like astrology, numerology can be super personalized — as everyone has a unique numerology chart and your birthday says something essential about your personality.
Further more your name - nick name, family name may reveal what traits you inherited too.

More broadly, we believe that numbers, and the associations between them, are mystical and meaningful. Some people believe they can be used to predict the future; others consider numbers largely symbolic.

It is a super weapon against the chaos of life. It has always existed. That is why the history of Numerology stretches back thousands of years. The thing is, it is the only successful attempt of humans to understand the surrounding world, clear the mind from the dead weight of others' judgments and develop a strong feeling of being an important part of the Universe.

We offer all this to you. Since the very first stage of the course, you will perceive the surrounding world in an absolutely different way, with a full consciousness of your involvement in the process of change.

It is very simple!
In my first six letters, I will teach you to make calculations that enable you to know what others do not. Therefore, you will at once get to understand what the saying "Knowledge is power" means.
Uncertainty, fears and doubts will fade away. Once you master practical Numerology, you will always know where you are going and why, and, most importantly, you will be able to guide others.

Basic Numerology Course - Core Numbers
consists of:
1. Numerology and its practical use
2. Numbers and their meanings
3. Features of core numbers
4. Karmic & master numbers
5. Numerological calculations
6. Birth Date and Opportunities
7. Full Name and Abilities
8. Expression Number
9. Heart's Desire Number
10. Personality Number
11. Birthday Number
12. Life Path Number
13. Arabic Numerology
14. Gods names Numerology
15. How to clear your Aura with personalized God’s names

This course includes:
- 2 hours on-demand video
- 4 downloadable resources
- Full lifetime access
- Access on mobile and TV
- Certificate of completion

What’s new and totally different about this course is that
- we will cover the main Core Numbers in both Latin & Arabic Numerology who work differently and reveal different aspects.
- In one month You will master  to read your Numerology chart and other’s, 
- You will learn about your real self, and your hidden traits
- You will learn about the embedded traits of your beloved once to better handle and treat your differences
- You will be able to understand the energy of every Number and Letter your eyes will meet anywhere.

Online  Courses

Currently None

Place of Live Courses

بالم هيلز، First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Live Courses

Currently None

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