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Feng Shui your Life - Course II

Course length

Total Hours 10

4 sessions

Online Course

5800 EGY

Feng Shui your Life - Course II


Logaina Maamoun

Min 5 persons Max 10 persons
2.5 hour weekly - 4 weeks

6800 EGY

Course Price

Course Price

More Information

Feng Shui, is the art, Philosophy and Science of harmonizing the energy flowing around you, wether at home or office. The harmonizing of energy is crucial for our wellbeing, not only that, but it extends to helping us to achieve success, contentment, wealth, health, good relations and much more.
Everything is energy, by respecting its flow you are respecting the influence of the Universal energy.

" Feng Shui your Life" is a 4 Weeks Comprehensive Course,
You should take this course if you completed the Course Part 1 "Feng Shui your Home". If you are curious about Feng Shui. You will receive positive changes in energy flow throughout your space and daily practices.

Feng Shui is an extremely valuable tool that you can use personally or for the benefit of others professionally . This course material will change your life if you practice the diagnostic methods and other information you will learn.

The part 2 course is about how to" Feng Shui your life". In this course we respect the time dimension, and the changes of energy that occurs every year, as a result to astrological influences or even numerological.
At birth, everyone of us was granted a blue print of certain element and design. To learn about yourself from this aspect, to align yourself and others and personalize your environment to fit the suitable energy of yours. You will take Feng shui with you in every way you go, and understand many things that surround you and how it secretly manifest in many invisible ways.
Here is a short list of what you will learn in this course.
This course is broken into four sections, you will also be doing homework in areas that you would like to practice the Feng Shui principles.
Module 1: Time Dimension, Astrology Module 2: Kua Number
Module 3: Feng Shui Symbols
Module 4: The art of Decluttering

The part 3 course is about " Feng Shui your Self", you will learn about how to clear your own energy flow and harmonize yourself for abundance, by learning about your Aura, chakras, and celestial bodies. Your signature and what kind of energy it brings to you, after this course you may even change your email address. You will know the most suitable food diet you should follow and decode your body original Code. You will learn about your stone, color, essential oil that you should use to perfectly align yourself to fit in the perfect energy. It will help you feel better in many ways.

Module 1: Introduction to Personal Energy
Module 2: How to get started with Kua number
Module 3: Further practices and uses
Module 4: Medical practices

Who this course is for:
This course is geared towards curious souls who want to work on their well-being using every possible available source presented by the Universe. You will reveal the secrets around you and direct it to your personal benefit.
No prior acquaintance of Feng Shui or Course 1 or 2 is required.

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بالم هيلز، First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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