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The Zodiac signs Class 'The How'

طول المسار

Total Hours 3.5

1 session

دورة على شبكة الإنترنت

1300 EGY

The Zodiac signs Class 'The How'


Logaina Maamoun

Min 5 persons Max 15

1300 EGY

سعر الدورة

سعر الدورة

معلومات اكثر

This Class is part of Astrology course, that is divided by what you choose to learn about and what you can skip. Still you will grasp what it needs to understand your chart and yourself.
Kindly review our calendar to keep up with any possible updates.
The main signs and what does it represent and makes you who you are

- Sun Sign in all Zodiac signs - 2.5 hours
- Moon Sign in all Zodiac signs - 2.5 hours
- Ascendant Sign in all Zodiac signs - 2.5 hours
- The 12 houses - 2.5 hours
- The 12 Zodiac signs - 2.5 hours

The challenges you may face in life

- North Node and South Node - 2.5 hours


- You may choose what you want to attend to learn more about from the above, and skip what you do not want, or follow up later and pick it up at your own convenience. Courses will be isA ongoing.

- You will be able to read your chart and other’s, once you learn enough about the relation between the houses, zodiacs and planets, which you will be perfectly aware of by attending any of the above

- You will learn about your real self, and your hidden traits

- You will learn about the embedded traits of your beloved once to better handle and treat your differences

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بالم هيلز، First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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