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Forgiveness and the Waning Moon

The Waning Moon is a time for letting go, clearing things out, tying up loose ends. It is also the time to organize your life. During this phase of the Moon it is good to practice the art of forgiveness. Yes, I called it ART, that's what it is. It requires talent, training and practice.

The manifesting of good things in your life does not work as well if you have got a lot of negativity holding you back. By forgiving and letting go, you will feel lighter and brighter. Without forgiveness, each of us would be walking around like muddy glasses of murky, stagnant Sludge!

Our vision and perception would be also clouded with unhelpful preoccupations.

This includes forgiving yourself.

The waning Moon is a great time for forgiving that you would not like to loose as a helping energy from the universe to start let go and bring joy to your life.

You do not need to forgive people who hurt you in person. No need to invite people who hurt you before, into your energy again,

You can still forgive them, by simply letting go of the harmful energy, let go of the anger, the rage, the sadness. Forgive them for yourself, to lighten your energetic load.

People come into our lives sometimes to teach us something. Once we learn our lesson, we can let them go.

Do the work internally to forgive that person or situation.

If you are not ready right now, it is OK, just set your intention and will eventually happen.

Some rituals that may help you forgive if you feel ready to do:


- a paper

- a black or brown candle and white or pink candle

- Tourmaline, Obsidian or Quartz (Rose or clear) or any crystal you are drawn to

- A small mirror

- Salt

Set a sacred peaceful quite place

Anoint your candles with salt before lighting them then Light it and surround them with the crystals

Write out what or whom needs forgiveness

Use the brown or black candle to burn the paper with your intention of forgiving.

Stare into the flame and focus on what you feel as you do this, release any hurful emotional energy.

If you pinpoint pain in certain places of your body, breathe into those places and try to release this energy.

Light your pink or white candle and stare into the flame and repeat the following:

I forgive you

I release you

Visualise and feel the sense of harmony and light filling up your body.

Take your mirror and look into it, while saying:

I love you

I'm sorry

I forgive you

Thank you

Mediate on how you feel releasing this hurtful energy and letting it go.

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