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New Moon in Scorpio Is here to Ignite Passion & Intense Emotions

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The New Moon is in Scorpio, the fixed water sign, the Marian/P|uto ruled zodiac, the mysterious and passionate will bring in its transformational, elimination, rebirth, intense, emotional energy.

New revelations, lessons, areas of misalignment, secrets will be revealed under the Plutonian energy.

Scorpios are elusive water signs deeply concerned with their private emotions and the taboo parts of life. If you tend to avoid your feelings or refuse to face your shadow self (aka, your darker, more unpleasant side), you may feel uneasy about accepting the challenges the new moon will bring.

New moons are historically auspicious.

They’re the starting point of the monthly lunar cycle, which makes them the perfect time to manifest and set intentions.

What better way to do so than to explore your darker side and confront your emotions?

This is a great time to look inward, and all uncomfortable resistance that we have experienced may quietly reveal what we should remove from our lives in order to make room for positive evolution.

Which ares of your life maybe highlighted during this mean, goes according to your ascendant sign more accurately than your sun sign, which still is also considered. On the subconscious level, your moon sign should be also considered for you to know what is going on beneath your conscious mind.

(Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo are the 4 Zodiac Signs that will feel most Intensely).


This new moon activates your Eighth House of sex, death and magic. The focus for you, is less about action and more about peering into the parts of yourself that require more coaxing. Think about the way you’re investing your time, money, and energy. It may be time to settle debts, tying off loose ends that have been holding you back. Get to work talking to your shadows and listening closely to the echo of their answers.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your Seventh House of partnership. The lesson for you is to go deep — or go home alone. Things might get tense in your close relationships, and that’s only going to be illuminated during the new moon. Be prepared for some conversations with your spouse, partner, or close connections, but be careful not to respond aggressively to others. This is a new beginning for your relationships. It’s time to review where your relationships stand and consider what you need in order for your relationships to prosper and grow.


With the new moon falling in your Sixth House of daily habits. This new moon is all about establishing a routine that brings out the best in you. You will question how mundane routines can be done in order to serve you on a deeper level. You should consider better health diet and habits too.


This moon is moving through your Fifth House of creativity and pleasure. It’s a time to be led by — and towards — what feels good. Follow your inner child down the path towards self-love and easy expression. Think of all the creative projects you daydream about and all the fun activities you wish you could be doing.


This moon is hitting hard in your Fourth House of home, family and root. Don’t be surprised if you feel especially nostalgic during this lunation. Visit your roots or learn more about your heritage. Family issues may rise up, stay in your higher self and do not loose your temper if so. This new moon is helping you reconnect with your heart; with the part of you that wants to nurture and be nurtured.


While you never need an invitation to practice the kind of solitude this moon typically calls for, this cycle is activating your Third House of communication providing the drive to connect. If you have something to say, now’s the time to figure out how to say it. Let go of what’s preventing you from using the power of your voice so that you can unleash brilliant ideas. Making an overdue phone call or taking a walk with a friend, give someone the medicine of your words. A walk with a friend could be the connection you both need right now.


This new moon activates your Second House of possessions and values, making this an auspicious time to call into being abundance in myriad forms. This new moon will help you rediscover what you need in order to feel stable and grounded. Everyone needs a safety net, because it provides them with a feeling of security and self-reliance. Remember, Libra: the first step towards reaping rewards of any kind is believing that you deserve them.


Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation, which means that every difficult experience allows you to grow exponentially. Embrace how your failures have taught you so much. Embrace the prospect of failing again and again until it starts to feel like success. You’re in your power at present Scorpio, and there is little you can’t do with the Sun, new moon and Mars in your sign and on your side. Consider your wants wisely and take care not to waste your wishes. This is the most important New Moon of the entire year for you, so make sure that you’re taking big steps in the 10 days that follow it to create the life of your dreams.


The new moon is activating your 12th House of the unseen and the unconscious.You may feel somewhat removed from the world, as though the power of your imagination is distracting you from the busy, internet-oriented world around you. Be brave. You will not find the cure for fear in fleeing from it — only in staring straight at it. You’re embracing the new and multidimensional you.


This new moon is encouraging in your 11th House of friends and community. Now more than ever you are open to the possibility that while you can do it alone, the process of getting it done can be sweetened by collaboration. Connect with likeminded individuals who want to make a difference in the world. This is such a powerful new moon for meaningful networking.


The new moon in Scorpio is moving through your 10th House of career and public perception. Squaring with Uranus, your volatile ruler, You may be considering a new position, which may have you feeling anxious. Take control of that narrative and remind everyone — including yourself — what you’re capable of accomplishing.


This new moon in your Ninth House of travel, philosophy and higher learning wants you to feed your head, Pisces. Any combination of book reading, micro-dosing, Doors records and subliminal stimuli should do the trick. Seek broad horizons and strange shores.

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