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Stay Balanced – Your New Moon is in Libra

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The ruler of the 7th House - House of partnership and Balance.

The Moon is the closest celestial body to our Earth, it has a magnificent effect on us- as previously presented - on all levels, physical, emotional and mental levels.

Lunar energy is a great healing & charging Energy for our personal energy fields. It focuses on our subconscious, giving us insights into our spirit, our Higher Self and our soul work. Under this magnificent light, we are better able to see our conscious selves, better guided by our Higher Selves.

The cycles of the Moon teach us to release and invite, surrender and reflect; that we are continuous and ever-changing. It teaches us that Life is not linear, but a series of cycles that goes on and on and on. With every ending there is a beginning.

Our feelings are the strongest link to our relationship with ourselves, others and the world around us. Our feelings are an indicating compass of what is working in our lives and what is not.

New Moon is a time for New Beginnings, a chance to set intentions for the cycle ahead.

A time of lull, the completion of old activities and the preparation of new ones. Everything is in decline now - life energy, emotions and physiological activity. For this reason, any projects which require significant effort are not advisable now.

Few days later the Moon will be in waxing phase you can begin any new activity.

Now it is time to set intentions, plan, plant a seed and manifest.

When the New moon is in Libra then we know that it is all about playing fair.

The Libra is the Residence sign of the 7th house of Partnership. Venus is the cosmic ruler of Libra, and signifies love, pleasure, social relations and finances; Libra wants us to get along, to have a good atmosphere among friends, to agree, and enjoy the finest things on earth. The Libra thrives for Partnership, and its energy urge us too. It tries to avoid conflict and it keep searching for harmony.

Looking at where the new Moon occurs in our own birth chart can give us an insight into what that particular Moon phase means for us personally.

Generally, the sign of the new Moon, shows the issues that are likely to be important at that time & areas in our life that will be activated for the duration of the month.

Heightened sensitivity in these areas is likely, and a potential for renewal is found here.

New Moon in Libra requires us to:

1. To Breathe Easy

2. Manifest Harmonious Matrimony

2. Seek Justice, and Seeing both sides of a situation

4. Seeking clarity; Weighing thoughts and options in a state of balance

5. Use logic and intellect in difficult circumstances

6. Trusting our choices and following through with our own intuition.

7. Make our Manifestations BEAUTIFUL, and surround our self with the finest thing we can get.

You may check this guiding video with Aya Nabil.

Also, this mediation recordings with Hanan Elbahie.

Let Go And Detox Before & During The New Moon. The Detox is not only for your body it is also needed for your soul. Forgive!

This new cycle begins with great intensity, because of Mars - the planet of arguments - is in Libra too. Mercury the communicator planet is retrograde, this is not helping too. So your own choice of self control and diplomacy is highly needed, and when you succeed, then you will have a fruitful beginning with the incredible Sign of Libra.

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