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Feng Shui Consultation for better Homes & Offices

5000 EGY / Hour

Session Duration:
3 hours

Make your home a happy place and your office a money generating one

Feng Shui Consultation for better Homes & Offices

Feng Shui is a traditional practice that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.
Reorganizing of some items in your home or office to cure or to enhance the flow of energy and harmonize it to your energy. A map of your property is needed to calculate Flying Stars and Bagua.

Step 1:
Initially let us know scope of work required:
1. Type: Home / Office / Shop
2. If possible a description or the layout plan (s)
3. For a home: How many levels (stories)

Step 2:
We will get back to you shortly with a quote:
Once Confirmed & payment made
for home & Office Feng Shui need:

1. All family member’s Name / Gender / Date of birth
2. Layout plan
3. Photos of the place
4. Email to

Step 3:
Need some clarifications like:
1. any home office
2. Bedroom(s) and study allocation (if any)
3. Type of beds for each bedroom e.g. single, bunk etc….
4. For existing homes when was the last major renovations

Step 4:
Will send you the completed layout proposals

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