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Zippy Summer Workshops

These workshops are a quick kick off to a wide gate of knowledges
It is the first basic sessions to a further study, yet it is a fruitful beneficial frame of reference by it self.
Enjoy your Summer Vacation, get tanned, tuned and sophisticated.

Only 2 days of total 6 hours for Astrology sessions.

2 days of total 6 hours for Enneagram sessions.

By learning about yourself, the planets the major player of the surrounding and how they act on your personal level, you are having a clearer view of what is going on around you and to you.

- Certificates of attendance

- Discount for future sessions

- Interesting, cool & casual summer setup

will be granted


Hacienda Bay, North coast 
Sunday 28.08
Monday 29.08
7pm - 10pm 

Monday 06.09
Tuesday 07.09
6pm - 9pm
6pm - 9pm

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Astonomical Clock

Astrology workshops

1. Planets, the main game players
2. Beyond the Zodiac signs​

Astrology, in its broadest sense, seeks to explore the meaningful connection between humans and the wider cosmos, the relationship between the movements of the planets and the inner world of human consciousness, motivation and behavior.
Natal chart is a map that provides a snapshot of all the planetary coordinates at the exact time of your birth. Every individual’s birth chart is completely unique.


We are providing a workshop where you will be presented to all the planets and their characters and effects on the Universal level and how the placement of each planet on your Natal chart gives the planet its character in your life, whether affecting your traits or fate.

6 hours workshop is a foundation for a broad knowledge of Astrology.

(1st session) - 3 hours

The Planets

Understand each planet's archetypal characteristics.

(2nd session) - 3 hours

- The Zodiac signs

Understand the different sign's (constellations) qualities and whats beyond them.​

Astonomical Clock

Enneagram Session

This is an introductory course on the Enneagram. if you are interested in personality types, motivations, behavior, .personal growth, compassion, or ego-transcendence,

This is the first step toward more deeply understanding yourself, your loved ones, and others in your life!

An enneagram course is a popular format for providing a thorough explanation

and exploration the complexities of human personality .

You can learn how personality impacts a person’s thoughts and behaviors, along with their relationships, become more self-aware, & compassionate.

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