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New Moon, what does it mean?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The low-light New Moon phase usually manifests as low #energy for us, but that doesn’t mean low-vibes or negativity, it’s just a much-needed chance to rest and reset before our energy and activity begins to rise again. Honor this lunar moment by allowing yourself to lounge, recharge, and full-on introvert as much as you like.

How it may Effect us?

As with any New Moon or Full Moon, the increased magnetic pull can cause sleep interruptions and mood changes. Honor your body by sleeping when you’re tired and waking when you’re not – it may be a departure from your usual sleep schedule and that’s ok!

Now that you’ve absorbed the low light energy and recharged your spirit, your energy, motivation, and momentum can expand just as the moon’s light shines brighter throughout the month.

When we embrace this low-energy phase and give our body and spirit the restoration it needs, it rewards us with added energy going forward. When we try to fight this natural flow, we feel agitated, exhausted, and guilty for the feelings that we aren’t allowing. So, feel free to enter your cocoon, cancel plans if you feel like it, and don’t feel bad about not returning messages today – you’re in New Moon hibernation!

Clearing Crystals Under the New Moon

The New Moon is the most powerful time to clear and cleanse your crystals of any stagnant or low-vibe energy – and that includes your crystal-charged ĀTHR Beauty products!

How to: leave your crystals and crystal-charged blushes, shadows, and highlighters near a window during the New Moon. The lunar energy will cleanse your crystals of any unwanted energy and intentions.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystals, take it one step further and fill your crystals with good vibes and personal intentions. Hold your crystals (or crystal-charged palettes) in your hands and think about the energy you’d like them to hold for you – abundance, love, health, compassion – whatever you need more of this month!

Cleanse your crystals #NewMoon

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