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Full Moon in Aries Rituals

After a long period in which 6 planets were retrograde, four of them are now finally direct— just in time for the Full Moon in Aries. Retrogrades are periods of reflection, revisiting previous issues, self reflection and personal grow. This retrograde season felt brutal, but we all underwent necessary growing pains. Now that Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn are direct, we can finally move forward with our ever-expanding dreams, goals, projects, and long-term commitments.

Give yourself the permission to transform the structure of an area in your life. Be open to draining your ego and releasing any narcissistic tendencies that you may be harboring. Remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you, and that’s a good thing. Focus on connecting with others, and that will help you gain a healthier sense of self. Have a great Full Moon, and resist the urge to act recklessly.

Practice the Full Moon Rituals and start by filling your tub or foot soak with warm water. If you don't have either, you could prepare in a big bowl of warm water and pour it over your body in the shower.

Add herbs like peppermint which is good for awakening the spirit and giving you a boost of energy and focus, or cilantro, which cleanses and protects the aura as well as encourages self-expression and creativity. Since Aries is associated with the solar plexus chakra, where our sense of self-worth and confidence resides, using an herb like cilantro could help with balancing that energy center.

If you prefer the herbal benefits without the leafy mess, you may want to consider adding several drops of essential oil to your bath. Peppermint is available in oil form at Areej. We also offer their products from our website. A personal favorite for this full moon is patchouli oil too, which increases cognition and clears negative feelings

while helping to keep us grounded ( it is perfect for the root chakra )

You can add fresh or dried flowers.

Aries brings vivid colors like red and oranges, so choose a flower that speaks loudly.

If you want to really get deep, tap into your water goddess within by placing an aquamarine gemstone into your spiritual rituals. This beautiful stone is known to purify water, heal the sick, and release.

It is called the let-it-all-go stone.

Light all colors of candles you want, white for sure as Aries is the sign that rules the first house of self, white candle help purify the soul and mind. Red candles are also good for relations, fame, love and passion.

Light a smudge stick if possible to complete all the elements of the universe, jasmine or Sandalwood or vanilla. Don’t forget the sea salt to witness your rituals too, it represents the earth element and it also absorbs any negativity.

While preparing and enjoying this beautiful bath do not forget to show gratitude of all and any blessings. You can be guided by any recorded gratitude meditation by Hanan Elbahie or Engy Hamdy.

The rituals can extend to after the bath or shower, by keeping the candles, salt, smudge stick around and try to sit in the outdoors where you can prepare a glass jar of drinking water and charge it with moon light.

Aya Nabil told you before about the benefits of it. She was supposed to show us how we do charge it by intention.

If you have any crystal, gemstone or any earth element statue or marble, if it is washable clean it with sea salt water the put it under the open sky for the whole night. Make sure to remove it before sun shine.

May all your creativity and ambition come to life under the light of the full moon in Aries.

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